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 Mena's Life

Mena is a woman.  Mena is a movement.

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"Original. Inspiring. Motivating!        APMusic Group

Mena is a Woman.  Mena is a Movement.  Her music inspires all ages and genders.

Mena is an accomplished Artist/Singer/Song Writer.  Her creativity and ingenuity extends outside the studio- into art, business and science.


Mena obtained her doctorate, is a published author, created the company skinForma which produces an undergarment for women known as G|Skin, and has partnered with Brighter Horizon Labs to develop Nutraceuticals that promote and enhance animal health and wellness.

Mena serves her Community and contributes her time and resources to various nonprofit organizations. She is currently working on Forever Home Sanctuary, a nonprofit which provides a home to neglected animals and facilitates housing and education for young adults leaving Foster Care.


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